My dream
 I play the sport of unicycle. 2 years ago, I won the second place of Street Freestyle Unicycling, and I became a World Champion of 10km road race in Unicycle World Championship. In December 2005, I renewed the World Record of Unicycle 100m sprint in TV program. I am the current World Record Holder for unicycle 100m sprint.

 Unicycle World Competition takes place once every two years. In July this year it will be held in Switzerland . I must participate in this competition. 2 years ago when I got the world champion, I was the challenger. I had nothing to lose back then. I had no fear at that time. But now I'm different from 2 years ago. I changed from a pursuer to being pursued. Being the World Record Holder and being the current World Champion title forces lot of pressure up on me. The next competition is different from last the competition clearly.

 I was glad that I became a World Champion and the World Record Holder. I am proud to have the honor of this achievement. A new World Champion arrives once every two years. The World Record will be renewed someday. For the moment history is already written in the record books. I look into my future goals now and will not look back. I have a wonderful future a head!

 I have an ambition to be a Champion again and next time I will renew my World Record. This is my objective. So this is only just an objective. Not a dream. As my introduction I do have a dream.

I have a dream. One day my four little children will live in a world where they will not be judged by the number of the wheels they ride, but their skills and talents.


2006 Spring